Rules dailies creation window customization

Customize rules.
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Rules dailies creation window customization

Post by bazarus » Tue Jun 20, 2017 3:42 pm

I make customization in "Make Dailies" Window on 2.1.0 in dailies.js. Attachements Included. But when I make all similar changes in 2.2.2 Nothing happens. "Make Dailies" window have old look. Any ideas?

And another questions.
Can I make choice buttons for dailies activity that affect on dailies naming?
Can I make button that helps to create some kind of /PROJECT/OUT/DATE/ folder in project structure and copy dailies there?
2017-06-20 18_34_13-t-RULES.png
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Re: Rules dailies creation window customization

Post by timurhai » Wed Jun 21, 2017 12:00 pm

If you changing dailies.js changes should happen.
Sorry, for now i have no idea why it does not happen.
Just may be user has not refreshed page (F5) to reload script?

You can make any buttons you want.
cgru/utilities/moviemaker/ is a very flexible script and has lots of parameters that are not preset in RULES dialog for it.
You even can to enhance, why not.

Also it you want to add such common options as cacher opacity, you can create a pull request on GitHub for it.
I think that all it will be useful for everybody.
And you will have no need to update it manually on each new CGRU version.
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