a few questions

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a few questions

Post by protocube » Thu Jun 29, 2017 10:01 am

i've just finishet setting up afanasy on our internal network and i have these questions:
1- is there a way to render a single frame using multiple render nodes? that would mean job tasks would be frame tiles instead of animation frames (like vray distributed rendering does). we're using blender cycles (either in gpu or cpu).
2- the documentaion states the 3 GUI modes (modes - USER, VISOR and GOD), but i can't find where to type a password to change the mode, has the interface changed?
3- how exactly does the launch command work in the renders tab? and what's the best way to control the editable parameters of job\render\user\etc?

thanks in advance!

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Re: a few questions

Post by timurhai » Thu Jun 29, 2017 10:35 am


1. There is 2 approaches to distribute a single frames on a multiply machines:
- Tile render: Divide an image on 2x2 tiles and render such crops on 4 machines at the same time. Then join tiles.
- Distribute frame: If render engine supports it (VRay, RenderMan, Manta, ...) we can launch some master task on one machine and specify it several other machines (IPs, hostnames) to use as slaves.
Both ways should be described via command line(s).

2. Passwords should be typed in "nowhere". No GUI filed should accepts keyboard focus while typing. For example you can type it just after launch, or click mouse on a widget that does not accept focus, for example "CGRU VERSION" label does not accepts keyboard. Did you played DOOM? Where we user should type password there?

3. Did not got your question, sorry.

1* The question is generally incorrect. Afanasy just launch commands, that is all. It does know nothing about images, tiles, GPU, cycles and so on.
The question should be asked on some Blender forum:
- How can I render a single frame on a multiply machines over command line? What are available approaches for it in Cycles render engine?
And then, after successful tests, you can ask here:
- How make Blender cgru addon to send such commands to server?
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