Fisrt job done in 3ds max!

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Fisrt job done in 3ds max!

Post by Strob » Sun Nov 19, 2017 3:47 pm


First I wan to thank the developer(s) a lot for this tool!

I was able to render a first test job on a single computer with 3ds max via Afansy on windows! it's looks sophisticated enough even though not super user friendly. at least we can right click some tasks that are done and restart them! what we can't even do in backburner so just for that I it's already better! I was using deadline but it's too expensive to upgrade just to get support for max 2018, so I will try to wrap my head around Afansy and I always prefer open source softwares not only for the better price (though we must not forget the price it cost to learn how to use them) but for the sake of not having to deal with licenses that can create problems and artificial limitations to force you to upgrade all the time And also I like to be able to see how things work under the hood what is most of the time more transparent with open source software... I hope I can learn afanasy and then teach it to other artists and maybe help the community to grow.

A few questions:
1-when using unc path in afstarter for the output image folde, I get error "WARNING UNC path can't be current". What does it mean? We can't use unc path in that field?

2-same thing for the working directory I get "WARNING Working directory starts with '\':" and "ARNING Working directory does not exist:"

3-BTW I don't even know what is the purpose of that field and I would like to know please.

4-When I try to use the output images field to set an alternate firectory, if I enter a directory alone (wihout file name) it doesn't render at all (and still marked the tasked as finished success). but if I entera filename it does render and save the images at the expected place but it doesn't save the V-Ray render elements. (in my scene I use the vray fram buffer to set the path for beauty and element passes. and it works when I don't use the output image field in the starter. So my question is: is there a way to make that output images field just redirect both my beauty and element at the folder specified?

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Re: Fisrt job done in 3ds max!

Post by timurhai » Mon Nov 20, 2017 1:12 pm

I am not a max/vray specialist. I can say only about working directory:
I is widely used by admin/tds in their custom scripts/wrappers.
For example, in our studio, we use working directory to detect software version by our scripts/wrappers. This way we can setup one ProjectA to use v16 version but ProjectB still to use v15. We also use working directory in a custom scripts/tasks to reduce total command line size.
If you, your software does not use working directory you can just not to pay any attention to it.
But any process in any OS (any linux, windows, mac) has working directory and it can play some unexpected role.
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Re: Fisrt job done in 3ds max!

Post by Strob » Mon Nov 20, 2017 1:21 pm

Ok nice to know thanks!

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