New improvement.

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New improvement.

Post by igor » Fri Aug 10, 2018 5:27 am

Need new ability:
Support Ubuntu 18.x (Linux Mint 19) with python3.6
New "VRAM" and "GPU use" counter
Support OpenEXR and OpenEXR MultyLayer thumbnails done job
More easy for newbie installation process

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Re: New improvement.

Post by timurhai » Fri Aug 10, 2018 1:04 pm

1. It already supports Ubuntu 18.04 LTS and Python 3.6, and we using it. You just need to compile it.
2. Various (custom) resources counters is a needed feature that is in a roadmap and will be implemented.
3. Support OpenEXR? What is this? ImageMagick (that afrender uses to create thumbnails) supports OpenEXR for many years. We often render EXRs with many layers, and see thumbnails.
4. More easy installation? Now you need to unpack an archive to get packages. Run a command to install packages or you can put packages in your repository (if you have). What can be more easy? (Is there some more easy way on Linux/Windows?)

Project is open-source. Many other users add needed features themselves.
Timur Hairulin
CGRU 2.3.0 Debian 9, Ubuntu 18.04LTS, MS Windows 7,10 (client only).

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