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Database Setup

Posted: Mon Oct 26, 2020 1:28 pm
by DonnieAlex
Hi everyone,
I'm sharing this piece of information with the community, in case anyone else is finding themselves in our same situation.
Usercase: all our machines are shut off from the internet in an isolated network of Windows only OS'es. The task we were trying to accomplish, and failed at it initially, was to get PostgreSQL to generate a database from Afanasy, in order to get render time and geometry cache time to produce a forecast system and estimate costs of these two departments.
Problem was that Afanasy and PostgreSQL didn't communicate to create the tables we needed. We tried all we could think of, then we asked Timur.
The solution to this issue comes from compiling Afanasy from Windows including the Windows libraries for PostgreSQL, but in out environment, we're middleware developers, totally inexperienced with back-end related programming. So Timur came to the rescue, and gave us compiled DLL's that made everything work, out of the box, in a matter of seconds! Those can be found here

Again, thank you Timur!