vrscene generation and submit mismatch

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vrscene generation and submit mismatch

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Heya everyone,

Attempting to use meVrayRender ver 0.3.9 on linux to submit a deferred vrscene generation block followed by a vray block. The submission works great, and 2 blocks are created as expected.
However, the vrscene files themselves are named after the base maya file, while the vray job expects the layer name to be appended.

maya file name:test_v001.mb
render layer: donut
use deferred selected
under filename: vrscenes/test_v001
Resolved path:<correct location>/test_v001_donut_####.vrscene (This is exactly what i'm expecting to see)

So far, everything is great... however when I submit the job, this string is generated:
Render -r vray -proj "<correct path here>" -rl donut -exportFileName "<correct path>/test_v001.vrscene" -noRender -cam cam1 -s 1001 -e 1001 -b 1 <correct path>/test_v001_deferred.mb

When the block runs, it generates: <correct_path>/test_v001_1001.vrscene

However, the next block is expecting:


In a nutshell, the layer name is not being appended to the vrscene filename - but it's expected by the vray block. Any ideas on what am I doing wrong?


centOS 8.1, cgru 2.3.1
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Re: vrscene generation and submit mismatch

Post by timurhai »

It seems that there is not so many Afanasy and Maya+VRay users.
And their quantity in counting down...

You can look at Python script yourself:
https://github.com/CGRU/cgru/blob/maste ... yRender.py
Timur Hairulin
CGRU 3.0.0, Ubuntu 18.04 LTS, MS Windows 10 (clients only).
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