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Afanasy 2.4.0

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I am currently evaluating a change from version 2.3.0 up to version 2.4.0 in our studio. While going trough all the changes in the repository I noticed the new farm setup controlled by pools, which is a huge change.

Can you tell me a little bit more about this? I think you're using it in production right now. Would you say it is stable? Or are there a few things that don't work properly in the current state?
Stability would be crucial for us in this point.

With removing the farm.json how do you set this up now? You assign clients to certain pools, which have certain services? And how do you manage these pools? The code looks to me, as if it is controlled via the web interface?

Thanks in advance!
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Re: Afanasy 2.4.0

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We are using 2.4.0-02 that is in the master branch now.
It is a production stable, but not all features added that are in plans for the next release - a release with pools.

Pools is a farm.json replace. But for now with a less functionality. In plans - pool will have much greater functions.

For now you can control pools only via Web GUI.
You can create pools and sub-pools, with a hostname pattern. And any new registered afrender machine will be parented to this pool.
(This is the same as with farm.json).
Pool can enable/disable services and max_tasks_per_host.
For now pools can't handle capacity and service limits.
But render node still has capacity itself.
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