Redshift Muti Gpu render

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Redshift Muti Gpu render

Post by divesh »


We have been using the afanasy with maya on linux, and it has been working out with ease, recently we have changed the render engine to Redshift gpu render.

Now we have render nodes with 8 to 7 gpu per PC, is there a way we can render task on individual gpu. Something where there can be multiple instance of the render node on single pc.

Pls bear with us as we not to hands on with scripting for afanasy, So it would be helpful if you can guide us on the command and where to place it.


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Re: Redshift Muti Gpu render

Post by timurhai »

Single afrender process can run any number of tasks at the same time.
If render has 2000 capacity, it can run 2 tasks with 1000 capacity, or 4 with 500, or 1x1000 + 2x500 and so on.
There is also max tasks per host limit, to not accidentally run 2000 tasks with 1 point of capacity.

Afanasy (afrender) just run commands.
If your command can take specific GPU(s) it will work.
Your should can accept 'my_render --gpu 1 ...', to run on specific GPU.

Python service class can modify command 'on-the-fly' just before launch it.
You can use this feature to assign GPU(s) dynamically.

But if you are do not familiar with Command Line and Python, if will be difficult.
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