Restrict users from starting/stopping/deleting jobs

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Restrict users from starting/stopping/deleting jobs

Post by giel_4321 »

Hi Timur’

Is there a way to restrict users from starting/stopping or deleting jobs in the web interface?
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Re: Restrict users from starting/stopping/deleting jobs

Post by timurhai »

Wow, such hard restrictions, may be just to block WebGUI site ))

There is no such limitations. GUIs are written to manipulate jobs.

1. Why web gui? Common GUI is Qt - AfWatch. It works much-much faster and consume much-much fewer resources, and on client and on the server side! WebGUI mostly designed to watch Afanasy on a machine where you can't install it, table, phone, 32bit computer, exotic OS and so on. Lots of opened WebGUIs can slow down the Afanasy system.

2. By default GUIs are in user mode. User can see/manipulate only his jobs only. Only when a GUI is in admin mode, it can manipulate all users jobs. AfWatch get username from a machine environment. For a web GUI, you should set user name (there is no login procedure, yet).
To open WebGUI settings, click a button with an arrow in a top-left corner.
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