Script alert when submitting job

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Bret Karson
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Script alert when submitting job

Post by Bret Karson »

Yesterday when trying out Afanasy with AfterFX everything worked quite well. But today I get this error:

Somehow the original aep-project file gets copied with the error and is being used for the render job. Maybe this is standard AfterFX behaviour on script error.

Also the output task log shows this:
'C:\Program' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file.
The directory name is invalid.
Which again seems to do with spaces in folder paths.
All worked relatively fine yesterday, but this new error happened without seemingly changing anything regarding AfterFX settings.

Tried to delete CGRU and all environment variables and then start from zero again, but problem persists.
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Re: Script alert when submitting job

Post by timurhai »

I can`t say anything remotely, especially because MS Windows is not my common OS (i am using for work, development and at home Linux OS).
You can try to ask some Windows admin who is familiar with CMD scripts.

But periodically i have a deal with MS Windows admins that handle render farm support.
As from this experience i can say:
1. Install soft, that you will use on farm in some other folder (not in "c:\Program Files\).
2. Any paths (and soft installation folders) should not have spaces, all characters are ASCII and lowercase.
3. Do not modify system environment. If you want to launch some soft with some "VAR=VALUE", create a .cmd script, that will set define variable at first than launch soft:

Code: Select all

In other case there will be lots of trash (with time) in your system environment, some incompatible things can happen (various Python versions), harder to debug.

This rules will make system (and render farm) administration much more clean, plain and simple.

Due such experience, CGRU has no installer at all, you can simple to un-archive it and run, or simple to delete if not needed, CGRU does not modify system, does not add anything to the system, if you are not running it, it has effect to the system. This is most likely "Linux way" approach, sometimes this is called "Portable Version" on MS Windows.
Timur Hairulin
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Bret Karson
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Re: Script alert when submitting job

Post by Bret Karson »

In Windows, various software is usually installed under the "Program Files" folder. And yes, it contains a space unfortunately.
There is an environment variable that always points to this folder: %ProgramFiles%, and %ProgramFiles(x86)% for 32bit applications.

I'm not sure if incorporating the variable would help improve the CGRU system though.
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