Where is the slate generated?

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Where is the slate generated?

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Hey Timur!

I wanted to tinker with the code a bit and wondered if you could point me to the right place of the code where the first frame/the slate of the dailies is generated, including the R/G/B squares in the top left and the grey test bar at the top.

Thanks, Tobi
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Re: Where is the slate generated?

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Dailies are generated by this command (Python script):
https://github.com/CGRU/cgru/blob/maste ... kemovie.py

That script generates each frame by:
https://github.com/CGRU/cgru/blob/maste ... keframe.py

It uses some templates to draw:
https://github.com/CGRU/cgru/tree/maste ... /templates

You can customize templates, but such things as color-bars, are created by Python script makeframe.py, not template.

Also you can run makemovie.py command line manually from terminal, add -V flag to verbose commands.
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