Question for Max users (program reloading every frame)

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Question for Max users (program reloading every frame)

Post by firemist »

I have just started using CGRU/Afanasy. I have been successful rendering with both AfterEffects and 3ds Max, but have a question regarding Max: In the tests I have done, my render machines restart Max after each frame; or they are possibly just re-loading the scene each frame. In either case, that adds a lot of overhead. I think I do not properly understand the batch command structure for Max -- I have been using only BackBurner until now (but for over 10 years). Is there a parameter I should use to send "blocks" of multiple frames to a Max render? I have found in the AE script I can send large blocks of frames (I use 200 or more) to lessen the program-reload overhead. Is there a similar parameter for Max that I have overlooked?
Thanks -- Jeff
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Re: Question for Max users (program reloading every frame)

Post by timurhai »

Afanasy uses 3dsmaxcmd.exe to render a scene file. It loads and reloads the entire application on each task.
But task can consist of any number of frames. Use frames per task parameter.
Timur Hairulin
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