Projects subfolders under Root

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Projects subfolders under Root

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I've setup cgru on a Linux machine. I have some computers to render jobs too. In afwatch "Work" tab, I've "Root/" and all the renders I send went to "C_". Why "C_" ?

I don't known how can I set some sort of project folder une Root that my computer on "ProjectA" render in "ProjectA", and so on for "ProjectB" if the computer user is working and rendering on "ProjectB". Is this on the computers scripts or in the server "config.json" file.

I don't known what I miss!

Meanwhile the software is working well, but I found the documentation a little obscur.

Thanks a lot for the software !
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Re: Projects subfolders under Root

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You should allow "Create Childs -> AUTO" on a new "C_" branch to let afserver to split jobs by branches deeper.
"C_" probably came from C:\some\path from windows machine.
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